SPOTTY DOG SCHOOL , NATHANS MEADOWS, CHALFONT ST PETER SL9 0NX (entrance straight off the Amersham Rd A413)


Agility Class

dog agility Class

We offer agility classes to suit any ability from beginner to intermediate and advanced. For more information, to book onto a class or to join our waiting list for the next brand new course please contact us on

  • Beginner agility class runs on Sundays at 11am 
  • Intermediate/advanced agility class runs on Saturday at 11:15am.

Spotty Dog Training School is based in Chalfont St Peter. We train in a fully enclosed field with natural distractions. Our facilities include a full sized agility arena and specially designed agility equipment for older/younger or more nervous dogs. Spotty Dog School are committed to training with kindness, knowledge and understanding and using only up to date reward based training methods. We believe in training dogs and owners in a natural outdoor environment and in a fun and friendly manner ensuring everyone enjoys training with us whilst learning more than just the bare essentials!

Puppy Classes

Teach them the fundamentals for the best start in life. The course is 8 weeks and will cover walking nicely on lead, coming back when called, waiting when asked and bringing something back, fun search/nosework and confidence building puppy agility on our specially built equipment. Start your puppy on the road to success!

Dog walking over agility beam
Beginners dog training lessons

Beginners Dog training classes

This beginner level aims to progress from puppy training through to adolescence. Or for the adult dog who is new to training. We practice how to walk on lead, good manners, perform basic behavioural exercises reliably, recall, basic search, retrieve an article. This course also includes starting agility. This is a basic bronze level, achievable to most owners and their dogs.

private puppy training

You will work one on one with an experienced instructor to complete a puppy course tailored to your specific needs. We can cover any areas of concern e.g. puppy biting and house training as well as covering walking nicely on lead, coming back when called, waiting when asked and bringing something back when required, fun search/nosework and confidence building puppy agility on our specially built equipment. Start your puppy on the road to happy success!

Puppy Dog
pointer dog training

intermediate Dog training classes

This intermediate level will improve on skills learned at Bronze level. We will start to work more off lead and will follow a natural progression of the exercises learned so far. In addition we will learn new skills such as working with focus around distractions, distance control, more
advanced and skilled behaviours in obedience, impulse control and stays. We will also learn more advanced and impressive dog tricks.

behavioural consultations

This private lesson will work on your specific issues. We form a training plan tailored to your dog. You are supported all through your dog training journey. Included in the price is an email detailing your specific training plan and on going support via WhatsApp. The sessions can be online, in our secure facility or in your own home (mileage fee is applicable).

Buy our pack of 6 behaviour or private sessions and the 6th is free, saving £60

TRaining a stay
Trick dog training

Advanced Dog training classes

This is the highest level of achievement and handler & dog will learn skills such as advanced impulse control and recall from high level distractions, shaping advanced behaviours and advanced obedience exercises such as sendaways. The dog will be working off lead at agility and performing high level searches including search squares.

 Dog training Workshops

We run workshops to cover a wide range of issues/skills. We use positive reward based training for all classes and workshops. Please enquire or keep checking back to see new dates. Some examples include:

Walking nicely on the lead
Impulse control
Separation anxiety
Introduction to agility
Dog Trick training

Agility Class

Classes available at beginner and advanced level. Have fun and keep fit with your dog. Suitable for all breeds and sizes. This dog agility class works on the skills necessary for agility. Dogs should be 10 months old and so physically mature enough for agility. We will work on waits, focus, play, confidence on the equipment, wing wraps, directions and sequences to name a few.

In the instance of bad weather the class will be postponed for the following week.

Puppy Prep Sessions

Thinking of getting a new puppy? Or getting a puppy and want some advice? This is an hour long zoom call tailored to your concerns. An experienced dog trainer will give you the advice and confidence to set you and your puppy up for success. Advice can be given on:

Setting up the home
The first night
Puppy biting and chewing
House training
Crate training
Child and dog interactions
Introducing puppy to an existing pet
Diet and exercise needs
And anything else!

1-2-1 Dog Training

You will work one on one with an experienced instructor to work on any non-behavioural issues. This private lesson is tailored to your specific needs including agility, walking nicely on lead, recall, dog trick training or anything else!

Separation Anxiety

Approximately 20% of dogs suffer from Separation Anxiety. This private lessons helps you to understand Separation Anxiety and avoid common mistakes. An experienced dog trainer will assess your needs and together you will build a detailed training plan and learn how to better manage Separation Anxiety.

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